Pro Arte et Natura Foundation (PAN) established the Gyula Benczúr Art Academy in 2000, the millennium anniversary year of the foundation of the Hungarian State.

The focus of the Art Academy of Pro Arte et Natura Foundation is to enhance awareness on Gyula Benczúr’s heritage as a value of Hungarian art performing in favor of cultural continuity.

The intention of PAN is to communicate to the new generations of artists on the excellence of Hungarian painting, building on the importance of Gyula Benczúr, marking the 19th century. Benczúr’s art is a distinctive example of talent, dedication and work, reaching the highest achievement levels and recognitions during his lifetime.

Besides providing support to the development of art and creativity in Hungary, the objective of PAN is to contribute to making art more accessible to the general public. The Art Academy is to act as a meeting place where researchers, scholars, students, artists and the general public can interact.

The whole concept of the Art Academy resides in the interrelation between art and nature, the latter providing the perfect environment for creativity and for learning. It is among the missions of the Art Academy to promote the protection of the environment and respect for environmental values, nation and region-wide.

As part of the initial awareness phase, the Gyula Benczúr Art Academy organized the regional symposium Historical Painting of the 19th Century in Central and Eastern Europe. Cultural Heritage, a Common Responsibility in September 2001. The initiative supported by the private sector and the state was the first conference held in Budapest on the topic after fading-out of communism, having wide regional participation.

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  • “The Hungarian Academy of Arts supported the implementation of the 2019 Drawing Camp.”

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