At Pro Arte et Natura Foundation (PAN) we are convinced that proactive action for values part of the common good is a meaningful contribution to stability, to continuity of identity.

Creativity and individual initiative are playing a fundamental role bringing forward and enhancing cognisance on our identity. Care and concern for values part of our traditions are a contribution to recover respect, pride and esteem for Hungarian heritage, formed in this region throughout more than 1000 years. Through proactive response striving for quality, valuable support to widen hope and confidence in the future can be secured.

After Communist dictatorship, since more than two decades after the opening to democracy, social reconciliation is still to be achieved. Faith, arts and nature together are to serve us all as best catalysers. More recognition to the relevance of faith, the backbone of our history and traditions, to arts, as well as our commitment to environmental matters is a constructive feedback dignifying and strengthening the spiritual body of our society. By allowing free interaction between faith, art and nature again, a path strengthening cultural continuity, essential to keep identity undiminished, is to get concrete forms.

  • Pro Arte et Natura

  • Genuine concern for traditions, cultural values, history, arts and nature can secure success of intentions helping to achieve a better future for the generations to come.

  • Court Registry no.: Balassagyarmat 12/1995

    Tax no.: 18631933-1-12

    Budapest Bank: 10103719-11707733-00000009

    Contact: Antal Lipthay

  • “The Hungarian Academy of Arts supported the implementation of the 2019 Drawing Camp.”

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