Lajos Cséri

He was born in Hajdúböszörmény, but spent his childhood in Sárrétudvari. At the Academy of Fine Arts his masters were Béni Ferenczy and Pál Pátzay.

Since 1953 he has participated at all notable national and international medal exhibitions. From 1959 until his retirement he maintained various significant positions at the Adult Education Institute, the Arts Fund and the Ministry of Culture. He became known of providing unconditional support and help. His art is much better known abroad than in Hungary. His plaque of Dürer is kept in a Nürnberg museum, and one of his Van Gogh plaques is in a museum in Amsterdam. Prominent US and Japanese private collectors treasure his works. For one year he taught portraiture, small sculpture and medal art at the Arts Department of Cortland University, New York.

He designed and modeled the portrait of poet Imre Nagy in 1956. In the same year shelling damaged his studio and his works of art got destroyed. He was considering restarting the job for years, then in 1997 his representative portrait sculpture of the poet made in 5/4-size was unveiled in Sárrétudvari. His sculpture of Ernő Szép was unveiled in Hajdúszoboszló in 1996. He finished his Kossuth statues in 1998, which were unveiled in Sárrétudvari on March 15, and in Zirc in December. In the year of the Millennium his sculpture of Attila József was erected in Hódmezővásárhely, the sculpture of St. Stephen in Báránd. In 2002 his collected works of art were exhibited in the Hungarian House in Budapest.

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