Pro Arte et Natura Foundation registered in 1995, is a non-profit organization aiming to support the restoration of values part of the Hungarian cultural and environmental heritage. Values, which were abandoned and neglected by communism with the intention to systematically drop these out of the Hungarian identity are a priority for Pro Arte et Natura Foundation.

PAN is acting as interface among individuals, private and state institutions, enhancing awareness of the values of art and nature as vital components for restoration of cultural continuity.

Through establishing the Gyula Benczúr Art Academy in year 2000, the millennium anniversary year of the foundation of the Hungarian State, Pro Arte et Natura is strengthening its presence and concern for values of heritage. The Foundation and the Academy are headquartered in Benczúrfalva, where the famous Hungarian painter Gyula Benczúr lived and worked.

  • Pro Arte et Natura

  • Genuine concern for traditions, cultural values, history, arts and nature can secure success of intentions helping to achieve a better future for the generations to come.

  • Court Registry no.: Balassagyarmat 12/1995

    Tax no.: 18631933-1-12

    Budapest Bank: 10103719-11707733-00000009

    Contact: Antal Lipthay

  • “The Hungarian Academy of Arts supported the implementation of the 2019 Drawing Camp.”

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