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Pro Arte et Natura Foundation (PAN) is a non-profit organization committed to serving the values of the Hungarian heritage and the environment. The values neglected during the long and devastating Communist dictatorship are of special relevance for PAN.

Gyula Benczúr famous Hungarian painter lived and worked his last ten years in Dolány, village becoming Benczúrfalva after the painter’s death. His manor house and his atelier confiscated in the early days of communism is, since 2016, in a process to be restored aiming to serve as a permanent memento to Gyula Benczúr’s work. Pro Arte et Natura Foundation, headquartered in Benczúrfalva, where Gyula Benczúr lived and worked during his last ten years. He is buried there, close to where the foundation is operating the Gyula Benczúr Academy since the year 2000, forwarding messages underscoring Gyula Benczúr’s work as true value, and a relevant part of Hungarian heritage.

We hope you will enjoy the content and messages of this site feeling motivated to join and support initiatives of Pro Arte et Natura Foundation (PAN).

Building a Chapel at the top of the Szöllő hill in Benczúrfalva is a keynote initiative of Pro Arte et Natura honoring Our Lady of Sorrows.

Lajos Cséri RIP

Lajos Cséri, sculptor, member of the Board of Trustees of the Pro Arte et Natura Foundation (PAN),  since 13th November 1994 when its inaugural meeting was held. After long suffering, bravely worn illness, he fell asleep forever. He has always contributed positively and with real enthusiasm, unconditionally, to initiatives that strengthen Hungarian culture and the common good. It was with this spirit that he helped our foundation. Lajos, who was already 92 years old and survived the Holocaust in Auschwitz at a young age, is a huge loss not only for the foundation but also for Hungarian art life. We pray to God to receive his soul into His eternal home.

Visit: www.kapolnachapel.org  and get involved in a deed serving life and peace

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  • “The implementation of the professional program of the Gyula Benczúr Drawing School in 2020 was supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts.”

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